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Even the trash can start

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Even the trash can start

Date:2017-11-28 Author: Click:

Abstract: The Internet thinking is not a hundred test lark, "intelligent" This concept is not "snake balm". In the final analysis, we still have to discard unnecessary pretense and revert to the basic demand.

Even the trash can start "smart", intelligence is really "snake balm"?

Can talk, deodorant, disinfection, Wi-Fi, alarm ... At first glance these words can be thought to be an introduction to some kind of tall product. But in fact, it's just a series of features that come with the smart trash box. This kind of trash box not only has the above function, but also can carry on the accurate weighing to the rubbish, the intelligence classification, and uploads the data to the cloud platform.

In recent years, "intelligent", "Internet of Things" has become a hot word in the industry of science and technology. Smart fridge, Smart TV, Smart door lock, smart watch ... Any new product, if not with the "smart" hook, will make people feel out.

Nowadays, even the dustbin can be intelligent. The intelligent rubbish bin can bring some good changes to people's life, not only improve people's quality of life, but also reflect the internet thinking. But is "smart" really a "panacea"? In the era of the overwhelming intelligence products, whether also revealed some problems?

Intelligent Trash Box realizes many functions, satisfies the user higher demand

The stench is around, the flies are flying, and this is our impression of the traditional trash bins. Throwing rubbish every day, I wish I was a slam dunk, throwing garbage immediately after the run far. Garbage bins are not only dirty, but also may spread disease, but no trash can not, this brings people a lot of trouble.

Early this year, Beijing in the city to promote the intelligent classification of garbage bins. As long as the two-dimensional code is scanned, the dustbin can be automatically opened. The relevant person in charge said that each kind of rubbish has the matching two-dimensional code, has the special personnel to distribute them to the inhabitant hand. Through these two-dimensional codes, the system can accurately record the classification of garbage in each household. The aim is to cultivate users ' classification habits and improve the accuracy of garbage collection.

According to the data from the intelligent garbage bin, the quantity of waste is 6 times times that of other rubbish, and the peak of rubbish dumping is 7 o'clock. "This data can be provided to the property, the peak time to increase the frequency of garbage disposal." In addition, the household dumping the different weights of rubbish corresponding to different points, a certain point of users can redeem gifts through the official website.

In fact, Beijing is not the first area to promote intelligent litter bins. Last year, in Zhongqing's business circle, the government arranged 150 smart trash bins. The Trash can automatically open within 50 centimeters of distance, and when the public puts in rubbish, the rubbish bin will politely say "thank you". This scene is quite a sense of the picture, saying "Thank you" is probably because the people who put rubbish "feed" the rubbish bin and also contribute to the cleanliness of the environment.

In addition, the Smart Trash box has other stunning features. Smart Trash can not only automatically deodorant, and when the total volume of garbage reached 80%, will automatically send text messages to sanitation workers. If there is a fire hazard in the dustbin, it will be automatically sprayed with spray and dry powder. More specifically, the bins are equivalent to a super wireless router, and each smart Trash can provide free WiFi to 60 people at the same time.

Solar panels are installed on an intelligent dustbin invented by the bigbelly Solar company in the United States. Available in the outdoor solar battery power supply, in the room can be plugged in DC power supply, the maximum output power up to 30W.

In addition to improving the quality of life of the user, for the dustbin, the intelligent system can increase the recycling rate of garbage, Beijing city in the first half of this year, the kitchen garbage recycling volume than the same period last year increased by 2000 tons. The promotion of intelligent waste classification can also reduce and resource waste.

The Intelligent trash box not only has many functions, but also embodies the internet thinking in its design, which is the most important point in the intelligent product.

The potential value of intelligent garbage bins, intelligent products can not be separated from the internet thinking

The biggest subversion of the internet is that it allows all things to be connected. Not only can shorten the geographical distance, also can shorten the psychological distance. With the Internet, the probability of communication between strangers has increased dramatically, and the exchange of information has reached an unprecedented level. Not only reduces costs, but also enables rapid expansion and cost replication.

As for the intelligent dustbin, the greatest value lies in the web2.0 principle that the user provides the content. It enables users to connect with each other and provide valuable content to others. Garbage reflects a person's most real consumption habits, which is the most valuable waste. Even police handling cases can often be turned from rubbish to find valuable evidence, which shows how important rubbish is.

The intelligent system can scan the rubbish, although it cannot be completely done at present, but with the development of technology, this can be achieved. In the future, each product may add a product information to the radio frequency identification. When they are put into the dustbin, they can be scanned quickly.

The smart Trash can also get statistics and sell it to the surrounding malls. The mall can analyze the large data to see how many futures to prepare. In the information age, the value of large data is self-evident. Shopping malls can even be based on this data for accurate advertising, to improve sales.

In addition, the smart Trash can become an interactive platform for the community. Who wants to find a car, whose belongings are idle, who lost the goods, after these things can send text messages to the dustbin. The Smart Trash box will display this information on the display. It can be said that the intelligent garbage bin provides a convenient platform for the information exchange of the community.

In fact, this is a reflection of Internet thinking, which is extremely important in the field of intelligent products.

Now people always love to say that the internet of things, the purpose of the Internet is all things interconnected, and the nature of the interconnection lies in the flow of information, we receive information from the passive to actively send and receive information, sharing in which is an important factor.

Today's smart products are characterized by "far-reaching", a little move a small button, you can manipulate intelligent products to achieve many functions. In the future, the Internet will even make all the smart products connected to achieve true intelligence.

But is "smart" really omnipotent? The Intelligent Trash box has its existence value, but some of its functions reflect the disadvantage of the product over design. In fact, in the current intelligent products, more or less there are "excessive design" problem.

Intelligence is not a "panacea", it is very important to meet just need

Nowadays, a variety of intelligent products are emerging. However, in the process of the development of intelligent products, the problem of "excessive design" becomes more and more obvious.

In the case of intelligent trash bins, the demand for trash bins is extremely flat, that is, people need to throw rubbish in. If you need to sweep the two-dimensional code, but also to look for trash bins everywhere, this will definitely become the user's pain point, it is likely to force users to discard rubbish.

In addition, for the dustbin, the Internet's interactive and communication functions belong to the pseudo demand of excessive design. The location of the dustbin is clear, the capacity is sufficient, the logo is understandable, is the real demand for the garbage cans. Therefore, there seems to be an excessive design of the garbage bins.

In fact, this problem is not only in the intelligent dustbin, in smart refrigerators, smart switches and other intelligent products have similar problems.

Smart switches, for example, can be controlled by mobile phones. But is it more concise to press the switch than to turn on the phone and then pull up the corresponding item? Another example is the smart fridge, which allows you to view the freshness of the food and control the temperature. However, the skilled housewife can see whether the food is fresh at a glance, it is not worth to search in the application. The temperature of the fridge can also be controlled directly by the buttons on the fridge, without using a mobile phone.

This is an example of excessive design, an example that is numerous in today's smart industry. Internet thinking is not a hundred-test lark, the concept of "intelligence" is not "snake balm". The intelligence of the dustbin is enough to trigger our reflection on the problem of excessive design in the intelligent field.

In today's increasingly competitive products, semi-mature product managers and designers are always "designed for design", trying to pass some of the eggs and the gimmick and concept to attract the public's favor. Use this mentality to make the product stressed the demand must be false demand, even if the internet thinking, will only design a wonderful work.

In the final analysis, we still have to discard unnecessary pretense and revert to the basic demand. True intelligence is not easy to achieve, the most important thing is to use a down-to-earth attitude, so that the product first to meet the needs of users, rather than designed for design. The basic conditions are met, and then rely on the "Internet +" and other ideas to further create additional value. Moderate design, progressive development, perhaps is the smart product field of the future industrial chain of the correct model.

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