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The historical change of Chinas rubbish bin

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The historical change of Chinas rubbish bin

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The change of human society reflected by the change of dustbin is glorious and significant. From neither practical nor beautiful mud bucket to the unique shape, easy to use the new garbage cans, from the use of private barrels only to the corner of the street at the end of the common garbage cans everywhere, from a variety of garbage mixed with a single bucket to recyclable garbage and can not recycle the two barrels of garbage, garbage cans through the more than 40 years of the transformation of the spring and autumn years, things are small, But reflects the continuous deepening of our people's environmental awareness. It can be said that the evolution and leap of the dustbin is the inevitable result of the material enrichment and civilization development in our country.

, in the human civilization occupies a very large position, to tell the history of the dustbin to first see how the ancient definition of garbage in ancient times, ash, or filth. Pickled dirty).

Dirt pit times of the garbage cans


Perhaps our country to the concept of environmental protection late, the 670 's, when some Western countries have begun to develop more practical garbage cans, our trash is still only in the "soil pit era."

In the practice survey of "The change of the dustbin", I learned from some forty or fifty-year-old uncles that at that time some people used to dig a dirt pit in front of the door, especially in the countryside, the phenomenon of soil pits appeared in every household. And this pit, is not other, is our country's most primitive "trash bin", for people to deal with the daily waste use.

Although the pit for people to provide a collective garbage place, the waste is not like before scattered everywhere, but heaps of rubbish in the pit, after the wind blows, the inside of the scraps of paper, plastic bags are flying, the rubbish is often returned to their rightful owners. Although some people later inserted a few pieces of bamboo strips around the pit to prevent the rubbish from being blown out in the wind, it was not possible to eliminate the situation fundamentally. The so-called earthen pits are more suitable than "trash cans" rather than rubbish piles.

The appearance of simple trash cans


In the 780 's, China appeared the real meaning of "garbage cans", such as fence barrels, cement barrels, and so on, although they are simple structure, but still better play the role of saving garbage.

First talk about the fence bucket, this bucket of 60 's born people may be more familiar with, it is made from bamboo pieces, made simple and easy to carry. It can be used both for storing goods and for dumping rubbish. But because the gap in the fence is too large, the bucket is only suitable for the larger garbage, the smaller size of the rubbish will be scattered out of the gap, in the wind will also appear when the rubbish flying. In addition, this bucket is generally limited to home use, not for public use.

In the 80 's, the streets gradually appeared the public use of garbage cans, that is, cement barrels. Although the construction of cement barrel is relatively simple, but compared to the original pit and fence bucket, it still shows that it is easier to store garbage advantage. By the early 90, cement barrels were everywhere, until now some of the city's public bins were still cement barrels. At the same time, it is the emergence of such a public trash, so that our people began to realize the importance of environmental protection. But because the cement barrel sealing is too strong, and the cement trash in the streets of the concrete guardrail and relatively high, people are too lazy to clean up, the result is a summer, flies swarms, mosquitoes disorderly dance, these have a direct impact on everyone's healthy life.

Classification Trash cans become popular


At the beginning of 90 years, the public trash bins on the streets in addition to cement, there are wooden barrels, plastic barrels, stainless steel barrels 2. It can be seen that people in the trash bin material up and down a lot of kung Fu. However, whether it is cement barrels, plastic barrels, or stainless steel barrels, are just not the garbage as a single bucket of garbage cans, so the basic structure is very similar.

Perhaps the concept of environmental protection has become increasingly popular in the 90 's, the middle of the street began to appear another type of garbage cans: The bucket inside two small barrels, storage can be recycled garbage and recyclable garbage, the bucket box is marked with different colors-this is the most commonly used in the classification of garbage cans. With the sorting bins, the cleaners don't have to spend a lot of time sorting the rubbish, and the recyclable bins offer two opportunities for valuable waste, reducing the waste of available resources. Now classified trash cans have spread all over the country, in this practice survey, 58.33% of the respondents said they now see the garbage can be categorized in the majority, it can be seen that the classification of garbage cans has gradually replaced the past single bucket garbage cans, the implementation of garbage classification, has become the most trendy environmental protection concept.

And with the development of the Times, the classification of garbage cans is not only to recyclable garbage and garbage can be classified treatment, in some places, people can even see a row of colorful sorting bins. In addition to the garbage can be used to distinguish between recyclable and not recyclable, but also the kitchen waste, hazardous waste and other waste made a detailed classification, more typical of plastic waste bins, biological garbage bins. In addition, the classification of dustbin itself also has a great publicity, such as the establishment of waste battery recycling bins, so that a lot of people understand the toxicity of waste batteries, from the biological dustbin, people also recognize that leftovers lettuce is a valuable organic fertilizer ... It can be said that the classification of garbage cans, so that the garbage has a real sense of "return to the place."

The popularity of trash cans still has some effect on people's environmental awareness. And the same, classification of garbage cans of popularity, but also to some extent, the role of people's environmental awareness, so that people understand the importance of the classification of garbage and the necessity.

New garbage cans lift environmental boom


Classification of the emergence of garbage can be said to be a leap in the history of garbage cans, but the light of the implementation of garbage classification, and do not pay attention to the garbage bin itself aesthetic and practical, it will also not arouse people's attention, not to meet the needs of people.

If the Trash can's appearance is exquisite, the modelling is unique, then it will arouse the people's attention more, people will put the rubbish into the bucket the probability also will be much more. Perhaps the designers have noticed this, and nowadays, the trash cans on the streets are all turned into works of art: trash cans, where people can always see different fonts, clever signs, and the color of trash cans tends to diversify, even the garbage cans from the original cylindrical development for animal shape, Fruit shape, etc. This one originality, exquisite chic artistic apparatus, peremptory became the street the most bright spot ornament.

Not only in appearance, but in order to make the dustbin more practical, designers have worked on its construction. From the results of the survey, when the use of garbage cans is inconvenient, a large number of people who originally intended to put rubbish will choose to give up because of the inconvenient use of rubbish. This shows that the designers of this move is not unreasonable, increase the practicality of the garbage can indeed to some extent to guide people more consciously to put rubbish. So it is not difficult to understand in the "you prefer to what style of garbage cans" in the survey, nearly 47% of people will choose automatic induction trash cans, 38.33% of people choose to throw garbage cans, and the remaining only 12% of people choose Foot-type garbage cans. From the structural analysis, foot-type garbage cans because each time in use to trample on the bottom of the door, so the use of relatively inconvenient, while on the mouth of the garbage can not be similar to the cumbersome device, but because of the single nozzle direction and small area, so garbage is difficult to be accurately put in. In contrast, automatic induction bins are much more convenient to use: each time the rubbish is put on, people do not need to step on the door, do not need to bend down, lift the lid, just a little closer to its place to put the rubbish. Automatic induction garbage can automatically open its large cast to allow rubbish to enter the barrel, without worrying about the problem of rubbish being put in.

The appearance is more beautiful, use more convenient, so people become more and more accustomed to the use of garbage cans. In this survey, almost all of the participants thought that the number of bins is now more than before, in addition, nearly 62% of people think that the roadside garbage hoarding is now relatively less than before, and this is largely due to the popularity of the garbage cans-when the resulting waste can be released anytime, The phenomenon of rubbish stacking will naturally decrease.

"Granary Real and know etiquette, food and clothing enough to know honor and disgrace." From the change of the dustbin I have seen the continuous deepening of our people's awareness of environmental protection, aware of the people for the comfortable and tidy living environment, high quality of life, the constant thirst for quality, more sense of the rapid development of social material civilization. Although some of the people involved in the survey reflect that the existing garbage cans still exist, such as small capacity, unsanitary and other shortcomings, but believe that with the development of our country's science and technology and social economy, our garbage cans will soon go into another new era.

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