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What kind of material do you prefer to choose from trash cans?

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What kind of material do you prefer to choose from trash cans?

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Trash cans can be divided into public trash cans and household trash cans on use occasions. The form of garbage can be divided into separate trash cans and classification bins. Processing materials can be divided into plastic trash cans, stainless steel trash cans, ceramic trash cans, wooden trash cans, cement trash cans and pulp garbage cans and so on. Open the way has opened the type, the cover type, the trample opens the cover, the induction type (infrared ray) and so on.

Garbage cans--processing materials

1. Plastic garbage cans

Simple processing, easy to clean, suitable for indoor use. Outside, the material has a requirement: that is not easy to aging.

2. Stainless Steel Trash Cans

Outdoor use will not be corroded by rain, but there is the possibility of being stolen by thieves.

3. ceramic waste bin

Ceramics are synonymous with high-grade goods. Ceramic ware easy to clean, and high surface finish, giving a high quality feeling. 4. Wooden Trash Cans

Good texture and environment easy to coordinate.

5. Cement Waste Bin

Its benefits are fixed, there is no question of being stolen (many stainless steel trash cans in the city have been stolen)

6. pulp waste bin

In China's 08 Olympic venues in the use of such trash cans, which are labeled "ceramic", "plastic", "not recycled" and printed "good luck Beijing" words. This recycled paper is very strong and environmentally friendly. There are about 140 such bins in the pavilion.

7. Metal garbage cans

Metal trash cans, usually made of steel, high durability, and can also be recycled. The disadvantage of steel is that it is easy to rust, the general will go through the removal of oil and rust, and then paint to enhance the rust-proof of the use of steel in the outdoors.

8. Steel-Wood trash cans

Steel frame, outside add wood to decorate, now also use plastic wood or green wood to replace the practice of wood.

9. FRP Trash Cans

FRP Trash cans, the general use of high-quality glass fiber and imported resin coloring synthesis of its high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, anti-aging, sun exposure without deformation, anti-ultraviolet, easy to clean, easy to operate, a large volume of skin box collection, durable service life long, the bucket without misappropriation and recycling value.

II. Design Examples

1. Hanging bucket

This bucket of materials for the absorption of plastic, in the daytime can let people throw debris, at the same time, absorbing white light, in the night can emit a slight light. And it breaks the original on the ground on the way to the hanging design, the main use of the site for the railway station or commercial zone, occupy a relatively small space. Simple form, suitable for throwing some small sundries class. In addition, the bright color will attract the people who throw rubbish, obvious but not publicity, green environmental protection.

2. Stainless Steel Trash Cans

Designer Nicole Howell inspired the homeless people in New York to pick up trash cans and designed this series of environmentally friendly trash cans. The trash cans consist of only a few stainless steel stents, saving material. A lot of people in the garbage when they like to throw far away, it caused the garbage bin around the phenomenon of garbage, designers in the garbage can be placed on the top of a flexible network to remind people to carefully cast their own rubbish to become their own disaster. In addition, the category of beverage bottles and so on, convenient to pick up garbage sanitary people more easily picked up, rather than through a long time of chaos. The design is simple, but it can really care for people from all walks of society, great design

3. ceramic waste bin

The ceramic dustbin is cylindrical and has a fixed base, and the dustbin is provided with a plastic round barrel of moderate size for storing rubbish for easy cleaning. The porcelain trash has the beautiful blue and white pattern on the exterior, the overall feeling ten

Ceramic trash cans of high temperature and corrosion, not afraid of the sun, beautiful, beautiful. Can be separated from the odor.

4. Practical and concise wooden trash cans

This trash can consist of a few simple wood material, four prop up of the wooden frame, each root has a wooden clip at the top, the ordinary plastic bag will be sandwiched between the four shelves to form a simple garbage, very convenient and very practical.

5. disposable paper garbage cans

Milan Design Week 09,fabriano is a garbage bin design, made from paper, a total of 50 layers, its materials used by the Office to throw printing errors, writing the wrong paper. Every scrap of paper, thrown in, full, and then thrown away, recycled, made into a dustbin, very persistent. The idea of this garbage can is very novel, its own materials from waste paper processing, very environmental protection, and the use of multi-layer design, so whenever the garbage is full, you can directly out of the innermost layer, as a garbage bag to throw away. Not only very environmentally friendly, but also very convenient.

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